Board Member


Vi har udført bestyrelsesarbejde i mange forskellige virksomheder og organisationer. Nedenfor er eksempler på nuværende og tidligere bestyrelses- eller advisory board roller, som teamet har varetaget.

We have performed boardactivities in many different types of business' and organisations.  Below you will see examples of current and previous engagements undertaken by our team.

Air-to-Water heating, Advisory Board Member

  • Onboarded from beginning
  • Moving from start-up to scale-up
  • Growing business from 1 FTE to 15 FTE and
    continuing the growth
  • Developing commercial model incl. subscription
    model focusing on low churn
  • Delivering procedures for administration,
    finance and back-office
  • Building business to be ready for exit

Offshore wind, Board Member - FR

  • JV project within offshore wind
  • Assets under construction >45bn. DKK
  • Representing 50% stakeholder
  • Negotiating terms for partnership
  • Driving follow-up model
  • Legal structuring 
  • Part of Commercial team

Logistics company, Board Member - DK

  • Developing new green logistic solution
  • Developing commercial viable model
  • Handling financing
  • Developing strategic pricing solutions 
  • Handling government grants
  • Start-up

LMS IT Company Board Member - DK

  • Focus on strategic pricing reducing churn
  • Supporting founder in driving financial sound decisions
  • Developing project mindset to secure profit on customer projects
  • Securing financing

Construction Company, Chairman

  • Growing business from 5-50 FTE
  • Moving through scale-up to mature
  • Delivering profitable growth
  • Developing project model for the team
  • Setting up procedures and structure
  • Developing commercial team

Property company, Chairman of Board - UK

  • Assets under ownership, approx. 55m DKK
  • Handling financing
  • Developing use of assets
  • Optimising ownership structure
  • Optimising tax structure

IT Company, Advisory Board Member - DK

  • Focus on strategic pricing reducing churn
  • moving from proof of concept
  • Supporting founder in driving financial sound decisions
  • Securing financing
  • Info screen technology

Automotive services, Board Member - DK

  • Strategic development
  • Pricing
  • Leading digitalisation
  • IT driven support
  • Pushing RPA